• Highways and Interstates

    Short stories ranging from California Highway 1 to Neptune.

  • Dust Bowl Star

    Did we mention that this rollicking historical page-turner is also a gay parody of the New Testament?

  • A History of Lust

    Without question the most reviled of Howald's books, banned across the south, actually burned in Texas. "Far more likely to induce vomiting than ejaculation, Mr. Chairman, surely. I yield back my time." —Senator Kennedy of Louisiana

  • Journey to Misanthropia

    Take the journey! Meet the Sultan! Isn't he a bit like you and me? Originally published in 2009, this slender volume has been enjoying something of a renaissance in the middle east of late.

  • Tales of Corporate Horror

    The venomous collection that started it all. The short story "The Throbbing Palisade" provoked comparisons with Philip Roth (particularly Sabbath's Theater) while "Very Light Indeed" was almost made into a movie by Quentin Tarantino.