Slim songs & little whims
come to the swimmer, breaststroking
illuminated pools, shopwindows.

Jingles of a thousand products, launched & sunk--
who were their moneyed masterminds?

Nevermind. The swimmer
in lucid concentrics

                  a current deeper than their demographics

                                  ... purple fiords,
                                  patter of ice to the retina

a surge
thru every        modem        phone         socket.

shrills like money through optic fibers, clicking satellites
hum of cities goes up a diminished fifth.

                         wan, citron-tinted laptop screens
                         of executives in sleek jets
                         bead & sweat

till the sum
of wattage bursts
like a Las Vegas style millenium

Derrick, in sequins: come.

Derrick's Trip - Slimsong