Derrick's head was a telnetable address.
That was why he drank his lunch.
All those hackers at his brain.

Derrick had been adjudged insane
twice or thrice, & re-released.
He sauntered the boozy L A afternoons.

That was how he met the Hollywood tycoon
who sucked his cock, & bought him clothes.
Through the echelons of fashion Derrick rose.

O, somewhere in the salmon-tinted smog of Malibu
on a high terrace, in a cream silk suit
(a shiny jagged spoon for his ruby grapefruit)

he sat: contracts in the works for movie deals,
whispered darling, unstoppable star
(so the story gets told in Hollywood)

when someone logged on hard, & hacked him good.

Derrick's Trip - Telnetable